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About Amoh

Jade has long since mastered the art of balancing Indian craftsmanship and contemporary ideas to a signature, bringing to life the bridal dreams of women all over the world. In 2016, Monica and Karishma realised another dream – that of a prêt line for the Jade woman; a line that interprets traditional techniques and ideas into ready-to-wear, everyday luxury pieces. Thus, Amoh was born, guided by design principles evoking bliss and joy – a free-spirited mood and experimentation with the self via clothes. Marked by age-old motifs in gold on 21st-century fabrics tailored into asymmetrical silhouettes in earthy tones, Amoh is that feeling of ultimate liberation, of making your own whimsy way through the world.

Women with an artistic bend, a fondness for Indian aesthetics, and who want a tinge of luxury to seep into their everyday style will find themselves right at home with Amoh. 

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